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Blossom Vegetarian Lunar New Year Decoration

We invite you to a dining experience which we are confident you will thoroughly enjoy.


Our wish is to share with you some of the unique aspects and stories that will add further insight and enjoyment to your experience. Co-founder Chef and Buddhist Nun Hue Phan brought a rich tradition of creating dishes that reminded her followers, old and new, of beloved meat and seafood dishes they had enjoyed before becoming vegetarian or vegan dinners. Sesame “Beef” and Lemongrass "Chicken", for example are made of soy protein, carefully flavored and prepared to evoke memories of our guests’ former favorites.


Following the tradition, our chefs' expertise will allow you to experience the textures and tastes that you remember from the real meat renditions of these dishes. Those who simply want to enjoy fresh vegetables, grains, and legumes will be treated to some of the most authentic creations the Vietnamese Kitchen has to offer.


We offer Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options that will allow our guests to experience a healthy and flavorful array of traditional Vietnamese dishes, including special lightly sweet desserts.


A carefully chosen selection of fine loose-leaf teas, sake (warm & chilled), draft beers and cider, as well as select local and imported wines will ensure a complete and special meal. We will accommodate all your dining requirements in a gracious and patient manner.


All of us at Blossom Vegetarian wish you health, happiness and peace!

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